The dashboard consists of all the useful information once you login to your account.

Here you can :

  • Get started by testing our services by reserving a Test DID.

  • Configure your IP/SIP account.

  • Configure or setup SIP routing.

  • You can add funds to your account by clicking the “Add Funds” link.

  • You can port your existing numbers with us by clicking the “ Port Numbers” link. This link will take you to Products => Port.

  • The “useful info” on the right side of the screen will tell you all the steps of registration that you have completed and will show a green tick mark with it if the step has been completed. The various steps are:

  1. Signed up

  2. Email verified

  3. Update profile

  4. Add funds

There are different graphical representations that show Weekly / 2 weekly representation of :

  • Inbound calls.

  • Outbound Calls.

  • Toll Free calls.

The dashboard also shows if you have any notifications, what you have added in your cart, your balance, links to contact the DFS sales/support team, option to log out.

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