The dashboard consists of all the useful information once you login to your account.
Here you can :
    Get started by testing our services by reserving a Test DID.
    Configure your IP/SIP account.
    Configure or setup SIP routing.
    You can add funds to your account by clicking the “Add Funds” link.
    You can port your existing numbers with us by clicking the “ Port Numbers” link. This link will take you to Products => Port.
    The “useful info” on the right side of the screen will tell you all the steps of registration that you have completed and will show a green tick mark with it if the step has been completed. The various steps are:
    Signed up
    Email verified
    Update profile
    Add funds
There are different graphical representations that show Weekly / 2 weekly representation of :
    Inbound calls.
    Outbound Calls.
    Toll Free calls.
The dashboard also shows if you have any notifications, what you have added in your cart, your balance, links to contact the DFS sales/support team, option to log out.
Last modified 2yr ago
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