Creating SIP Account

SIP Account based Interconnection to handle PBX behind Firewall or Special SIP Configurations

Why do you need a SIP Account?

There are situations where IP-based configuration does not work. For Example, your SIP VoIP PBX is behind the firewall and you don't have permission/expertise to manage the firewall or there are some devices that require (should I say work better or easy to configure) SIP registrations with our gateways.

DIDForSale allows you to create free SIP Credentials that can be used to configure your PBX/Phone System with our gateways.

Create a Free SIP Account.

Login to your account portal at

Click on Interconnection -> Manage IP -> SIP Accounts -> Add New SIP Account

The SIP account has been created, however, you need to activate the SIP account by clicking on the activation link sent to your email address.

Once the SIP Account has been activated, you can use the Domain Name, SIP Username and SIP password to configure your device. DIDForSale all kinds of SIP Devices and have been tested with the most popular ones, like Cisco, Grandstream, Asterisk, FreePBX, Yealink, and Polycom. You can also use Softphones like Grandstream Wave, Xlite, Linphone, and Zoiper.

Once you successfully register your SIP Device with the provided credentials, you will see the green dot in front of the successfully registered SIP account.

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