Configure Yealink Phones
Yealink offer wide range of SIP devices. Our SIP Trunking service works with all of them.
Configure Yealink T48G with DIDFOrSale SIP Trunking Service. Before you start configuring the Device, lets create a SIP Account at DIDForSale for this device to register.
Create Free SIP Account
  • Find the IP address of the device. Click on OK button on the phone to View the IP.
  • Open the browser and type in the IP address.
  • Login in the phone. Default username and password is admin/admin
Yealink Login Screen
Yealink Phone Main portal.
Yealink phone Portal
To Configure SIP account, Select Account. In drop down menu, select the account numbers you want to configure. PS: Yealink has many phone models ranging from 2 account to 16 accounts. Registration and configuration method is same for all.
You must have received an email for username, password and domain. Use the information on this screen and then click on Save.
Yealink Phone SIP Configuration
Once you click on save, status will change to Registered. PS: Default transport port if UDP, If you experience issue of lost registration, change the Transport to UDP. This happens cause some routers close the UDP connection after few minutes. Changing the transport to TCP should fix the issue.
Yealink Phone Registration Status
Update Codec and Advanced Configuration. DIDForSale support ULAW and G729. To Configure the Codecs, Select the account -> Codec. Manage the list of supported codex in Enable Codecs and Click on Confirm.
Advanced Configurations. Change Rport to Enable. This is important, specially if you have multiple SIP devices in the network.
Yealink Advanced Configuration
All done, now you should be able to send and receive calls from this phone. Remember to configure the phone number in didforsale portal to receive calls on this SIP account.
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