SMS/MMS Desktop Application

Setup Windows and Mac SMS Client to send and receive SMS.

This document help you setup SMS client on your Desktop. With DIDForSale SMS service you can send and receive SMS messages right from your computer.

Requirement to Send and Receive SMS

  • An account with DIDforSale.

  • A Phone number from DIDforSale. You can purchase the phone number by logging into your account.

  • Enable SMS service on the phone number.

  • Activating SMS

    • Login to your DIDforSale account.

    • Go to section Phone Number. Select the Phone Number and click on the SMS icon on "Capabilities". Then click on "Confirm".

  • Download SMS Client from this link

Setup password for SMS client.

Login in your account portal at

Click on Phone Number -> SMS Password

Select the number and Click on Key to Setup/Update password. If you have more than one number, you can search for the number you want to use. You can setup new password for each number or create a password on one number and make a group leader for other phone numbers. That way you can use any number to send and receive messages.

Enter new password.

Create SMS Group.

You can create SMS group leader to manage SMS for all the numbers in that group. If you have only one number, or you want to give one number to each employee/user, ignore this step.

To Create a Group Click on Phone numbers -> SMS Groups

Click on Create a new Group

Click on Save. From the Main SMS Group page, click on edit the manage the phone numbers in this group.

First select the number you want to be member of this group. Move the numbers from Left to Right.

2nd box, select which number will be group leader. You can have more the one leaders for same set of numbers. Choose what makes sense for your business.

In this case we have 19494568695 as the group leader and 19495354600 as group member.

Configure SMS Desktop Client.

Download the client and follow the installation instructions.

Following id done on Mac, Window will be same.

Open the SMS Desktop Client

Enter the Phone number and password you select on SMS Password page above.

On successful login you will be on SMS Dashboard

Since 19494568695 was a group leader, here you can see two numbers, leader and group member. You can select any number to send a receive messages.

Send a New Message from the client.

Click on New Message button on the top.

Select the number you want to send message from.

Enter the 11 digit (for USA and Canada) phone number you want to send message to.

It will open the Chat Window. You can send an SMS or MMS by selecting the desired option in the chat window.

Here you can see one Test Message was sent to the desired number and we were able to receive replies as well. Here is an example of a successful messaging conversation where text is sent and text and images(MMS) are received.

To send an MMS, click on the picture icon on the left hand side of the text box. The screen below will pop up.

Here, you can choose a MMS file to attach and write a text message along with it in the text box area.

Click on Send to send the message or Close to discard.

As you can see from the above images, the MMS file was successfully sent and we were able to receive MMS too.

That's It.

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