Testing Center

We can reserve a did to test (available for 6 hrs).

You can test the services provided by DIDforSale here by reserving a test DID. This test DID is valid for 6 hours without any charge. After 6 hours the DID will be released and if you would like to continue testing, you may reserve the DID again from the available test DID’s again.

You can select the test DID that is available and click on “Reserve” to reserve your Test DID. This DID will be shown under the Reserve DID number table, as shown below.

Next step, you can configure the IP/SIP Account or configure SIP routing by clicking on the link on the right side.

  1. The “Configure the IP/SIP Account” will take you to the “Manage IP” tab.

  2. The “Configure SIP routing “ will take you to Products => DID Configs.

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