Grandstream Wave Mobile Application

Step 1: Download the gs wave application on your device. Save SIP credentials received on your registered email address with us.

Step 2: Open the app and go to Settings. Click on Account Setting and click on (+) on top right.

Step 3: Click on SIP account as shown below:

Step 4: Configure SIP Account:

  1. Account Name: Choose any name. To explain, we used Sip

  2. SIP Server: This is your main account name. (All words should be in lowercase), here we are using

  3. SIP User ID: Use the username received on your email from DIDforsale. For example, 1001984749

  4. SIP Authentication ID: Same as SIP User ID

  5. Password: Password that you received through email. Password must be hidden

Once all the information is entered, click on ✓in the top right corner

Step 5: Go back to the account settings and your account should be configured. First, the dot will be red and then it should turn green. If it doesn’t turn green after few seconds, please check your internet connection or SIP server/ password entered.

Make sure you increase the time for Register Expiration, otherwise SIP will unregister on its own if you don’t use the app for longer time. Go to Account Setting -> Scroll down to “SIP settings” ->Choose the third option “Register Expiration(m) and add the registration usage minutes as per your usage. For example set it to 50000.

If you are using application over your cellulare dat, make sure to disable "Wifi Only" under network settings.

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