GrandStream 6102 IPPBX

To Configuring Grandstream PBX with didforsale SIP Trunking, you need:

Connect the Cables and Power on the PBX. Once on you can get the IP Address of the IP PBX from the LCD screen.

Open the link in the Browser window. PS: You must be in the same network.

Default login username and password for UCM 6102 is admin/admin. PS: For Security reason, please change the password of your PBX.

UCM 6102 Dash Board

Click on PBX -> VoIP Trunks -> Create new SIP Trunk

Configure New SIP Trunk. PS: Type should be register SIP Trunk. Get the Hostname, Username and Password from the email you receive when you created a new SIP Account.

Click on Save. Go back to Status. Here you will see Status as green Registered.

Check the Registration at DIDForSale. Portal. Account Portal -> Interconnection -> SIP Account. Notice the green light in front of the SIP account you used to configure IP PBX.

Now you should be able to make and receive phone calls. To receive phone call, you need to configure the phone numbers in your DIDForSale Account Portal.

Login in your Account Portal, Click on Phone Numbers. Select the number you want to configure to send calls to this UCM.

Click on any number go to configuration screen.

Select SIP -> SIP Account -> Select the Account -> Click on Save.

There are lot or advanced options, Click on the "?" to see the description for each option.

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