SMS Groups

You can send SMS, choose a DID action like enable SMS, disable SMS, update SMS forwarding and set SMS configuration. Here you can enable SMS, disable SMS and Update SMS forwarding. Let us see how these three features can be added :

  • Enable SMS:

  1. Select the DID to which you want to enable SMS.

  2. From "Choose A DID Action" drop down select "Enable SMS" and hit Apply.

  3. This will submit a request to enable the service on DID.

Note: It may take 24-48 hours maximum to activate the service.

  • Send SMS: This Tab allows you to send SMS from the DIDs on which SMS is enabled.

  • FROM: Select the DID number from Drop down.

  • TO: Enter the number to which you want to send the SMS.

  • MESSAGE: Type the message to be sent.

  • SMS Forwarding:

Once you Choose the DID number that you want to update SMS forwarding on and click on Apply. On this screen you will update the URL. You can choose from one of the three available options.

  1. Forward SMS to phone number: Here SMS can be forwarded to the DIDs in your account for which SMS is enabled.(11 digit)

  2. Forward SMS to email: Enter the email-address to which you want to forward the SMS to.

  3. Select HTTP URL for SMS Forwarding to your API: Enter the URL to which you want to receive the SMS.

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