Webhook Setup

Creating a Webhook

Login to your dashboard and go to section Interconnection > Webhooks.

Hit 'Create' to create a new webhook. You will see a pop-up to fill in basic details about your webhook like name, callback method, callback event & url. After filling these details you can click 'Save' to save the changes.

Now go to Phone Numbers and select the number/numbers you want to configure to set up webhook for from the list of phone numbers

Check on "Edit Configuration" to go to configuration screen.

Select your configuration type SIP, HTTP, Forward to Phone or Custom Dial Plan and then select option webhook on right hand side section as shown in below image.

Selecting the webhook for the configuration

Click 'Save' to apply changes.

Your number is now configured with Webhook.

Troubleshooting Phone Call and webhook responses

You can see the request sent to your web application and the response we received in the reporting.

Click on Reporting -> CDR, find the call that you want to troubleshoot.

There are two legs. Click on the date of the first leg which shows the number dialed.



Here you can see, we called webhook, http://www.didforsale.com/apidemo/demo.xml.

This call played the simple instruction and forward the call to another number.

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