ZYCOO IP telephony system offers an easier, more reliable and cost- effective solution for Small and Medium Organizations.


1. Create a VoIP Trunk for Outbound Calls

Navigate to the CooVox IPPBX web menu: Basic -> Trunks. Click the “New VoIP Trunk” button to create a VoIP trunk for the outbound DIDforSale server.

In this case, DIDforSale authenticates the subscription using an IP address, so we can tick the “Without Authentication” option for this trunk. If username and password authentication is needed, then do not enable this option and fill in the username and password below.

In the Advanced Options section, Insecure was “port, invite”, please change it to “very”. And audio codecs please enable ulaw only

2. Check Trunk Status

Navigate to the web menu: Operator

On this page, you can check the trunk status.

If you get both Status and Reachability as green and OK, then you can continue to configure the dial rule and dial plan for outbound phone calls through this trunk. If not, then please check the trunk configurations and verify the parameters given by DIDforSale.

3. Create a Dial Rule

Navigate to the web menu: Basic -> Outbound Routes -> DialRules

Click “New Dial Rule” to define a dial rule for making outbound calls through the DIDforSale VoIP trunk.

Make sure the VoIP trunk is in the Selected Trunks field, and define your custom pattern, for example, “4XX.”, This means if you want to make outbound calls through the DIDforSale trunk then you need to dial the numbers with prefix 4.

For example, if you want to dial 1234567, then you need to dial 41234567. And at the bottom there’s a line “Delete ____ digits from……”, here you need to strip the one-digit prefix before sending this number out, so you fill 1 here. If you use 2 digits prefix then fill 2 here.

4. Setup Dial Plan

To activate this dial rule and let the users be able to make phone calls through this VoIP trunk, you need to enable the dial rule for the dial plan/dial plans.

Navigate to the web menu: Basic -> Outbound Routes -> DialPlans

Click the Edit button on the existing dial plan.

Tick the new dial rule just added then the extension users will be able to make outbound calls through the DIDforSale trunk.

If you want some of the users to be able to make outbound calls through this trunk, then please click “New DialPlan” to create a new dial plan, and in this dial plan, you enable this dial rule.

Then navigate to the web menu: Basic -> Extensions, edit the extension preferences and select the new dial plan for the extensions.


1. Add New Trunks

DIDforSale requires 2 extra trunks for fully redundant infrastructure, multiple Trunks are used for Load Balancing and Fail-over.

Navigate to CooVox IPPBX web menu: Baisc -> Trunks.

Add two trunks the same way.

These two trunks are for inbound so the Outbound CID field can be left blank.

2. Configure Inbound Control

Navigate to the CooVox IPPBX web menu: Inbound Control -> Inbound Routes.

Below the General tab configure the General Inbound Route for VoIP channels:

3. Configure Number DIDs

If you want the inbound calls calling in from different DID numbers to be handled separately, then you can configure the number of DIDs. Click the Number DIDs tab and click the New Number DID button to configure.

Fill in the DID number in the DID Number field and select a destination for this DID number then if someone calls this number, the call will go directly to the destinations you configured. For other calls will still go to the destination configured in the General tab.

4. Activation

Click the notice “Settings changed! Please Click on Activate Changes to make modifications effect!” on the top of the web page to activate those configurations. Then you’ll be able to make outbound and inbound calls through DIDforSale VoIP trunks.

If you encounter any difficulties during the integration process or have questions specific to your PBX/Phone system, please don’t hesitate to contact our support team. We are available via email at contact-support@didforsale.com or by phone at 1-800-579-7676. Our experts are ready to assist you and ensure a seamless integration experience.

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