DIDForSale Softphone

DIDForSale Desktop softphone lets you register from your computer to make and receive phone calls.

Configuring Softphone with DIDForSale SIP Trunking Service.

Before you start configuring the softphone, let's create a SIP Account at DIDForSale for this softphone.

Creating a SIP Account in your DIDForSale Account.

Log in your account. Create a SIP Account

Setup and Install Desktop Dialer.

Download the client and follow the installation instructions.

Double click the .exe file to start the installation.

Start the Softphone Installation

Select the Language.

DIDForSale Softphone setup.

Click on next

Choose the folder for softphone

Click on Install

Finish Softphone Installation

Configure SIP Account for the softphone.

Configure Softphone

Make a Call

Dialpad to make call

Check out the call History

Call History

DIDForSale softphone is a very lightweight application and can be used from any computer or laptop.

Check out Desktop Messaging Application to send and receive SMS/MMS.