Send/Receive SMS via Email

Instructions for sending and receiving SMS.

Sending SMS :

For sending SMS you need to compose an email with following parameters.
Recipient address
Subject (xxxxxxxxxx = DID)
SMS [1xxxxxxxxxx]
Recipient’s address
SMS [19499300360]
Your text message.
In above example, we are sending SMS to number 1-949-471-0101 using DID 1-949-930-0360 from the email account associated with number 949-930-0360.
Always use 11 digits number format. 1xxxxxxxxxx.
Do not use this feature for bulk SMSing or promotional purposes.
Always make sure the recipient address & email subject are in correct format before sending the email.
Incoming SMS :
All your incoming SMS will be forwarded to the email associated with you DID. You can also check SMS record in section Reporting ⇒ SMS.