Send & Receive FAX via Email

Sending Fax

  • Login to your DIDforSale account.

  • Go to section Phone Numbers ⇒ Fax Emails & click on Add New Fax Email.

  • On Create New Fax Email page enter the email address (which needs to be activated for sending the fax) and enter the DID (which will be used as Fax number).

  • Click Add to save the changes.

Now go to the email account dashboard and compose a new email in the format below. Attach your document in PDF (.pdf) or Microsoft Word Document (.docx) format.

Format: [email protected] Example: [email protected] In above example, we are sending the fax from DID 1-949-471-0101 to another fax number 1-949-269-0449 from the email account activated for eFax.

Receiving Fax

  • Go to section Phone Numbers and select a number and click on Edit Configuration.

  • Here, select eFax to configure the Phone Number..

  • Next, hoose option Email & enter your email.

  • Click Save to apply changes.