Send & Receive FAX via Email

Sending Fax

    Login to your DIDForSale account.
    Go to section Phone Numbers ⇒ Fax Emails & click on Add New Fax Email.
    On Create New Fax Email page enter the email address (which needs to be activated for sending the fax) and enter the DID (which will be used as Fax number).
    Click Add to save the changes.
Now go to the email account dashboard (Gmail, yahoo, outlook etc) and compose a new email in the format below. Attach your document in PDF (*.pdf) or Microsoft Word Document (*.docx) format.
Format: [email protected] Example: [email protected] In above example, we are sending the fax from DID 1-949-471-0101 to another fax number 1-949-269-0449 from the email account activated for online email Fax.

The attachment file is must to send fax via email, else the fax will fail.

Receiving Fax

    Go to section Phone Numbers and select a number(s).
    Click on Edit Configuration from drop-down.
    Here, select E-Fax to configure the Phone Number..
    Next, choose option Email & enter your email address.
    Click Save to apply changes.
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