Send FAX
How do I get started?
    Start off by creating an account on DIDforSale
    In you already have an account then follow steps here:
      SEND FAX
        Login to your DIDforSale account.
        Go to Product ⇒ Fax Emails
        Click on Add New Fax Email.
        Go to Create New Fax Email page enter the email address (this will be activated for sending the fax) and enter the Phone Number (to be used as Fax number).
        Click Add to save the changes.
        Go to the email account dashboard and compose a new email. Format is: Format: [email protected] in the format,
      "fromfaxnumber" is the phone number from which fax is going out, and "tonumber" is the fax number where the fax will be sent. Here is an example file: [email protected]
        You can attach .pdf or .doc files to your fax
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