Polycom OBi300
Configure OBi300 VoIP adaptor for Analog Phone and Fax Machine
Configure Polycom OBi300 VoIP adaptor. DIDFOrSale SIP Trunking Service. Before you start configuring the Device, lets create a SIP Account at DIDForSale for this device to register.

Setup and connect OBi300

Connect OBi300 to your network and phone
To configure DIDForSale SIP Trunk find the IP address of the device. Or you can access router the see the IP in the device list (Look for OBi300)
To Configure SIP account find the IP of the Device.
Log in the management interface. Default username and password is admin/admin. Here is the dashboard of Polycom OBi300.
OBI300 Dashboard
Service Provider -> ITSP Profile A -> SIP. Update the SIP Server and domain information. Click on submit.
SIP Service Setup
Enter SIP Username and password Voice Services -> SP1 Service and click on Submit
SIP Username and Password
Reboot the Device.
Once the device is up. Got o System -> Status and you should see device registered.
Obi 300 Registration Status
These setting will allow you to make and receive calls. All you need to do is update the configuration in DIDForSale portal and configure the phone number routing to this SIP account.

Additional Settings for traditional FAX machine.

Navigate to Voice Services -> SP1 Service, in the Calling Features section, set the parameter MaxSessions: 1
Navigate to Physical Interfaces > PHONE x, in the Calling Features section, set the following parameters:
    • CallWaitingEnable: Disabled
    • ConferenceCallEnable: Disabled
    • UseForFaxOnly: Enabled
    • DetectFaxPageBreak: Enabled
OBi300 Setting for Fax
Click Submit to save your settings.
Click Reboot to reboot the system.
Fax on VoIP specially all the migration from analog to digital to analog is little less reliable. We have done special setup to improve the reliability. By dialing special prefix 999, we have the fax call differently and make sure calls are routed only to carrier who can support fax over VoIP. You can configure the device to automatically append 999 to the 11 digit phone number you want to dial for fax.
How to automatically append 999
what you would do is add the prefix digits enclosed in < and > characters, to the digit map entries of the ITSP Profile A/B/C/D settings.
Click on Service Providers -> ITSP Profile A -> General
Replace DigitMap from (1xxxxxxxxxx|[2-9]xxxxxxxxx|011xx.|xx.|(Mipd)|@@.) To (<999>1xxxxxxxxxx|<999>[2-9]xxxxxxxxx|<999>011xx.|xx.|(Mipd)|[^*#]@@.)
Update DigitMap on OBi300
Click on Submit