Iphone App

Configure SIP account on your iPhone Application

Step 1: Create SIP account on your DIDforsale portal

Step 2: Download the app on your device.

Step 3: Open the application. Click on settings on the first screen that appears.

Click on "Accounts".

Click on SIP accounts and click on Yes when the pop up opens up asking "Do you already have an account".

Click on "Manual Configuration".

Go to SIP Account.

Enter the Account name domain, username, and password. Select "use outbound proxy".

In Additional Settings, click on "Audio Codecs" and in the next screen, update as shown below.

Enable a-law and u-all.

In Network Settings: Enable IPv6, Enable STUN. In Additional settings, select enable on start.

Click on Register.

Wait for the Registration Status to show "OK", as shown below.

Finally, in Accounts, you can see that your SIP Account is enabled( with a green tick mark).

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