SIP-based Configuration

Configure your 3cx Sip trunk with DIDForSale SIP Trunking Services using SIP based registration.

First, begin with adding a SIP account by logging in to your DIDforSale Customer Portal.

Follow this link for how to add a SIP account :

pageCreating SIP Account

Now, login to your 3CX web portal to configure the trunks.

Step 1: To create a SIP trunks, click on SIP Trunks>Add Sip Trunk. Select country as Generic and providers as Generic SIP Trunk. Enter the Main Trunk No as your DID number as shown below and click on OK.

Step 2: Enter name for Trunk as Generic SIP, Registrar/Server/Gateway Hostname as*, Outbound Proxy as*, Number of SIM Calls as 10, SIP server port 5060.

Step 3:For Authentication, enter Type of Authentication* as register/Account based, Authentication ID(aka SIP User ID)*, and Authentication Password*. Route calls to the main trunk number.

*You will be receiving SIP Account credentials via email once you register SIP account with us.

Step 4: Fill in the rest of the details as shown in the image below. You can route calls to extension, IVR, Fax Extension, or any external number.

Scroll up the same window and click OK.

Routing Inbound routes

Step 6: To create a inbound routes, click on Add DID Rule. Under General, enter Name as inbound rule name and DID/DDI as your DID number as shown below.

Under Route calls to, set Destination for calls during and after office hours.

Click on OK.

Routing Outbound routes

Step 7: To create an outbound route, click on +Add. Under General, enter Rule Name as dfs_out and under Apply this rule to these calls you can route calls to extension or a number.

Configure upto 5 backup routes for outgoing calls under "Make outbound call on" and click on OK once done.

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