How to configure/setup the Custom Call Flow

Login to your DIDforSale account.


Click on -> Add Call Flow. Give a name to this Call Flow and "Save". We will call this Call Flow “Demo”.


Next step is to add the call-flow sections that will be executed when somebody makes a call to the configured number.

Let us understand this with a use case example where the user wants the call flow to follow the following order as shown in the flow-chart below:


1. Click on "Add Section", select Play Message from the drop down. When your number is dialed, it will play a text to speech message saying “Hello, Welcome to DIDForSale Demo”.When done, click on save. Go to branching will be Capture digit as per the flowchart which will be added once that section is created.

2. Next step is to add another section from drop down i.e Capture Digits. If user enters the Key 1 from their keypad, it will transfer the call. If key 2 is pressed, it will add to conference.

3. Next, set up the node branching.

  • Add the keys as specified:

  • For key 1, create Call Transfer section and click on "Save".

  • For key 2 , create conference section and save it.

Best practice is that we should hang-up, and mark the survey as complete, setup the last section hang-up and save it.

Note: Goto branching can only be added once a specified section is created.

Finally, click "Close Flow", and move on to configuring the call flow to the DID number in your account.

Go to section PRODUCTS.

  1. Click on DID Configs

  2. Select the DID number you want to configure.

  3. From the Drop Down (Select A DID Action), Select Manage Routing and Click on Apply.

  4. Select your configuration type.

  5. You can choose, Custom Call Flow. Select the custom call flow you created.

You are now ready to launch the custom call flow function on your DID. Feel free to send your queries & doubts to

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