Enable Call Recording

This feature allows you to enable and access to the incoming call recording.

Step-wise instructions to enable call recording on incoming calls:

  1. Go to the "Phone number" section in your account dashboard.

  2. Select the specific DID number for which you want to enable call recording.

  3. Click on the "Edit Configuration" button for that selected DID.

  4. If you have chosen "SIP > SIP Account" as your configuration, you will find the "Call Recording" option on the right-side menu.

  5. Select "Yes" for the "Call Recording" option and then click "Save."

By following these steps, call recording will be enabled for all incoming calls on the selected DID number.

This feature is compatible with all types of configurations, except in cases where DIDforSale is not used for audio.

You can listen or download to these recordings from the section "Reporting > CDR".

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