Configure GrandStream 502
SIP Configuration for GrandStream 503
Configure Grand Stream 502 SIP Trunk with DIDFOrSale SIP Trunking Service. Before you start configuring the Device, lets create a SIP Account at DIDForSale for this device to register.
Create Free SIP Account for SIP Trunking
Configuring Grand Stream 502.
Connect the GS 502 with network cable and power and phone.
Connecting the Cabled GS 502
From your Phone, dial
*** 02
This will give you the IP Address. I get the IP
By Default WAN access is disabled. To enable the WAN access, From your Phone Dial
*** 12 (Press 9 to enable and disable wan access) If Disabled press 9/
Reboot the Device.
Here is complete list of Grand Stream 502 Menu options. (Page 17)
Open the browser and Enter the IP.
GrandStream GS 502 Login
Default Admin password is Admin. In this example we are configuring FXS Port 1. Enter the Domain, username and password. PS: Use the SIP Server, SIP UserID and Password from your account.
Click on Update.
Now you should be able to receive and make calls from this account.
PS: Configure the phone number in your account portal at to start receiving calls on this device.
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