Bulk SMS Feature

Setup and usage information

This document will help you setup Bulk SMS feature on your account. With DIDForSale's Bulk SMS feature you can create SMS campaigns and can send bulk SMS to your contact group. You can also set a schedule for your SMS campaign.

The first step for setting up a campaign would be creating a Phonebook to create a group of contacts to whom you want to send SMS.

Creating a Phonebook

To create a Phonebook, you need to go to section Interconnection and then click Manage PhoneBooks.

Click on the Add New button to create a Phonebook. Give it a name and a description for your convenience. Click Confirm to save the Phonebook

Adding contacts to Phonebook

Once the Phonebook is created you can import the contacts in this Phonebook by clicking the Import button on the Phonebook. You will see a page as shown in the screenshot below.

You can just add the numbers as per mentioned in the format. Also, if you have a *.csv format file then you can upload that to import the contact. You can also download the sample *.csv file from the page and use the same to avoid any errors.

While creating a new contact or updating an existing one, you can also add custom fields and enter the values. For example, comment, appointment status, age and so on. Check the screenshot below for reference

The above option to import contacts is to add multiple contacts at once but if you would like to add one contact at a time then you can go to section Interconnection > Manage Contacts. On this page, you will have more options to manage your contacts. Here you will have the option to delete or assign a contact or multiple contacts to a phonebook at one time. Also, you can import or export your contacts.

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