Configure Zoiper App
Download zoiper app on your device and configure DIDforsale SIP account using that.
Step1: Create the SIP account on your DIDforsale account. Receive the SIP credentials on your registered email address. Here we are using following SIP details:
Username : 1001848506*
Password : LBDGjDU0ygWtziA*
Domain :*
Step 2: Enter the SIP username in the first field and password in the second one as shown below:
Step 3: Enter the domain name in the next window:
Step 3: In the next window, Give the username in the first field and domain in the second as shown below:
Step 4: Once all the details provided by you are correct, your SIP will register and SIP TCP/SIP UDP will be green, refer the image below for better understanding.
Step 5: Once the registration is complete following window appears, click on the SIP account.
Step 6: The following window opens as you click on SIP. Go to Advanced option.
Step 7: Scroll down and check for the codecs as shown below:
Step 8: You have successfully configured your SIP to zoiper application. You can make test calls.
Hope this document helps. Please reach us if you have any queries.
Last modified 2yr ago
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