IP Configuration
Setup IP based authentication with DIDForSale SIP Trunk Gateways

Add your Phone System IP address to your account.

Login in your account portal at portal.didforsale.com

Click on Interconnection -> Manage IP -> Add IP ADDRESS -> APPLY

Fill in the information about your IP, It can IP address, or FQDN name like office.didforsale.com. If you also want to send/terminate calls from this IP, Check on Enable Termination.
SIP Trunk IP Address Configuration
Once you click on Save, you will see the IP in the list.
List of Allowed IP Addresses for the SIP Gateways
Later this IP will be used to Configure Local and Toll Free numbers to send/receive calls.

NOTE: To maintain SIP Trunk Security one IP can be used only in one account.

If you need to use same IP in multiple account, please contact our Support Team

DIDForSale Gateway IPs to send and receive calls.

To maintain the load balance and high uptime, DIDForSale send and receive calls from multiple IP. Please configure your Firewall and IP Tables accordingly. Here is list of our IP addresses for send and Receiving calls.
IP Address
Outgoing and Incoming
Outgoing and Incoming
Additional IPs
Call Direction

SIP Trunking Troubleshooting

Half of my Inbound SIP Calls are failing

Make sure you are accepting calls from all the IP listed above. Most common reason for failed inbound call is that you system is rejecting call from few IPs.

We can not make outbound SIP calls.

This can be because of some missing configuration or wrong format in SIP Signaling :
  • Make sure the IP you are sending call from if added to your account.
  • While adding the IP address, make sure Termination is Enabled. Based on those settings we decide whether calls will be terminated or not.
  • For USA and Canada call must come with "1" Prefix + 10 Digit phone number. Example 19499300360
  • For International it should be 011+Country Code+Phone number.

International Calls are Failing

For Security and Protection, be default international calls are disabled. Contact your Account Rep to allow international termination.

I can make only 1 Outbound Call

There are certain limits on a new account. We would like to know our customers, how they would be using the platform and for what use cases. This gives us an opportunity to understand your needs and help us keep our environment safe. Please contact our sales team to remove the limits.